Sue O’Halloran
Board President

Sue O’Halloran is President of KMO Real Estate, a commercial/residential/management real estate firm established in 1992, serving the greater East Metro area. Sue is a founding member of the Center for the Arts Foundation and serves as its current President.

Among her volunteer roles, she is a board member of Leach Botanical Garden and a past president; member of the Mt. Hood Community College Foundation board; City of Gresham Finance/Budget Committee, retiring at the end of 2022 following 13+ years of service; Past president of East Metro Economic Alliance; Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce member currently serving as vice-chair of Government Affairs, and a past president; founding member and past president Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation.

Sue lives and works in Gresham and has been dedicated to the work of ensuring Gresham’s Historic Downtown remains a vibrant business, dining, and shopping center with an emphasis on arts and cultural experiences and opportunities for all its citizens to enjoy and participate in. 

Cindy Lenig Cossu
Board Vice President

Cindy Lenig Cossu is a long-term Gresham, Oregon resident who has served on various art committees including being a founding member of Mt. Hood Art Guild and serving on the Gresham Art Committee. Professionally, Cindy succeeded on Senior Management boards as a skilled leader, consultant, and educator in various industry sectors. She brings years of experience to the board in organization development, education, project management, administration, coaching, and overall operations resulting in building vital infrastructure.

Cindy’s true passion is as an artist and instructor. She is best known for her vibrant contemporary acrylic paintings portraying both realism and playful impressionism. Cindy has been creating, drawing, painting, and exploring art since childhood. She studied art at Lewis and Clark College graduating with a Political Science degree. Cindy completed a Masters of Education from Concordia and graduate studies focusing on Training and Development from Portland State University. Cindy is a life-long learner and continues to develop skills professionally and artistically.

Cindy believes the arts are fundamental to a thriving community and is committed to serving, working, and supporting the accessibility of the arts.

Kathleen Todd
Board Secretary

Kathleen Todd has volunteered as a member, officer, and chairperson in several citizen-oriented and community organizations since 1979. These groups include the Spirit of Portland Awards, Tri-Met, and the Vital Aging Network.

Her volunteer work brought her to a staffed position as Executive Director of the Multnomah County Office of Citizen Involvement. In this position, she worked to enhance opportunities for citizen participation in policy and decision-making within Multnomah County, thereby increasing the openness of county government.

Kathleen’s contributions to civic engagement were recognized at her retirement by the Multnomah County Commissioners when they declared January 29th as Kathleen Todd Day in Multnomah County.

Robert (Bob) McDonald
Board Member

Canadian-born, Bob was educated in the public school system and is a 3-time graduate of the University of Manitoba. Children’s education has been his lifelong passion. He served 12 years in a public high school as a teacher, counselor, and Principle. He served as Private school principal twice, once in a K-10 school near Seattle and again at Portland Adventist Elementary School in Gresham. He retired in June 2013, after 47 years of serving the children of his community.

Bob also has a passion for being active in the community. He has had many roles in the Gresham Chamber of Commerce. In the last 20 years, he has been an ambassador, president of the ambassadors, board member, and chamber president. Over the last decade, his community work continues while serving on the board of the Center for The Arts Foundation.

Bob is married to his wife, Lorraine, with whom he celebrates 57 years of marriage. He has a daughter and her family of 2 granddaughters who reside in the Gresham area. Another daughter and her family with one grandson live in San Ramon, California.

Rodger Jolly
Board Treasurer

Following college and a stint in the Navy, Rodger followed the family tradition at Freightliner Corp. for several years. Moving into a new career in real estate, he formed his own company and instituted a real estate school. Rodge had many successful years as a home builder. He was the founder and president of the Rockwood Lions Club and served many years on the board of directors for the Gresham Downtown Development Assn. In his retirement years, he has chaired two homeowner’s associations and served a third on its finance committee. He was a volunteer at the Gresham Jazz Festival and joined the Center for the Arts Board in March 2016. He enjoys doing stained glass and travels with his wife Tami. A special delight is the fun with grandkids.

Meredith McMurray
Board Member

Meredith has a long history in the Gresham area.  She graduated from Sam Barlow High School and then returned to teach Social Studies there for 13 years.  Now an estate planning attorney at Buckley Law, Meredith is excited to stay involved in the Gresham community by serving on the Center for the Arts Foundation.  Meredith’s music career began and ended playing keyboards at a Sam Barlow High School Springfest performance of her friends’ cover band “LIFE WITHOUT RADISHES.”  She now enjoys volunteering at the Center for the Arts Foundation’s summer concert series and looks forward to supporting the arts in Gresham in the future.

Alisa Applegate
Board Member

Alisa is a skilled business professional known for her ability to bring together stakeholders, establish trust and facilitate positive outcomes. She brings more than 30 years of experience in marketing, sales, merchandising, and leadership to the Foundation board. Her career has spanned several sectors including newspaper publishing, construction, health care, and retail management.

Alisa is committed to local organizations and a thriving community. This commitment includes her role as Partnering Manager for the Gresham Love Project, volunteer work for the Troutdale Summer Festival, Reynolds High School Challenge Day, and the Gresham Art Festival to name a few.

Al Richard
Board Member

A retired commercial insurance executive, Al volunteers his time helping several non-profit organizations throughout the year. He is a founding member of the Gresham Barlow Education Foundation where he served twelve years on the Board. In addition to serving on the Center for the Arts Foundation Board, he is a current member of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce. Al Lives in Gresham with the family of eight children all living and working in the area.

Trent Doman, CPA
Betsy Hatton, Musician
Joy McRostie, Attorney