Gallery Hours: M – F 11 AM – 1 PM & 4 – 6 PM, S – S 12 – 3 PM

Gallery Location: 333 N. Main Ave. Gresham, OR 97030

Elements & Textures

Monday 10/9 – Friday 10/20.

Gallery Hours: M – F 11 AM – 1 PM & 4 – 6 PM. Sat/Sun 12 – 3 PM

Description: The Elements and Textures Show is an invitation to indulge our senses. Our sense of sight and our imagination allow us to experience the elements and textures of art.

These aspects of art can stimulate memories of other senses as well when two and three dimensional pieces remind us of the taste of a red apple, the smell of a rose, or the sound of a gurgling brook.  

Earth, air, fire, water. Be inspired by the elements of the ancient world.  Color, line, shape, form, value, texture, and space. Create using the elements of design in realistic or abstract works.

Gritty as sand, slick as ice, rough as burlap, smooth as silk, sticky, prickly, fluffy, fuzzy. Capture the look of textures in paint  or show off the textures of your favorite medium.

Below are the entries for this exhibit.